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All Quiet on the Western Front

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Write 4 page essay on the topic All Quiet on the Western Front is considered as best Anti war novel. This essay discusses that however, the situation changed for the soldiers, owing to the horrible conditions they faced and lived on the battle front, such that by the end of the war, those who were lucky to go home did not love life anymore, since they had shot the world they would have loved to see flourish into pieces. The novel portrays war as an unnecessary evil that deprives humans of their empathy and free will, and instead replace that with cruelty, numbness, and insensitivity to life, traits that prompt man to destroy the world he otherwise cherished and loved to be part of and to experience its love. While many books and novels that represent anti-war sentiments would seek to either condemn or praise the insensitivity or brevity of the soldiers involved in the war, this novel holds a non-committal role towards praising or condemning them.

Further, the novel’s anti-war sentiments are unique, since it focuses on the war and its implications from a purely humanitarian ground, with no further regard for the political, social or economic implication of the war. This makes the novel stand out as one of the best anti war-novel so far written, since many books, novels or stories that have been written in relation to the war have been looking at the war from different perspectives. Consequently, they lose the core focus of humans as the actual drivers and victims of the war, and not the economy or the political dynamics. From the novel, there is no glory and there is no victory.


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