Alexander Gorsky Russian Choreographer

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Alexander Gorsky Russian Choreographer. The end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century were characterized by a recovery period of the arts in Moscow, only ballet didn’t experience any advances. The Moscow Ballet suffered the longest decline in its history. The theatre didn’t have a position of choreographer, even in the staff list. the popularity of the theater was so low that hall was seldom filled to a one-third, and the company of the theatre included only 70 dancers. The only functioning department of the Moscow Ballet was the ballet school, for the most part, due to the talents and enthusiasm of V. Tikhomirov and I. Nikitin. Nevertheless, the Moscow Ballet required strong manager-director to change the situation with attendance and the theater repertory.Alexander Gorsky started on the position of the Moscow Ballet’ choreographer with famous ballet Don Quixote”. Actually, it wasn’t a new development but a revision of Petipa’s version. Alexander Gorsky spent 18 months to prepare the ballet for staging. He invited the famous painters Korovin and Golovin to develop the design and produce scene settings and dressing for dancers. Gorsky managed to revive the atmosphere of Spain in the ballet. Although I must admit that Gorsky staging of Don Quixote” was quite different to Petipa’s one, he left some sections without a change. Gorsky interpreted ballet as an instrument in understanding a unity of art and performance.”Don Quixote” was staged in 1900 and it became the herald of the Moscow Ballet recovery.

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