Affordable health care

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Create a 8 page paper that discusses affordable health care coverage for all americans. One of the leading causes of historical personal bankruptcies in the country is the high cost of debt incurred due to availing relatively expensive medical services. The current debate in the US over the proposed health care reforms is largely based on the question of whether one has a right to health care and if yes then under what conditions and circumstances. The current economic crises with significantly large inflationary pressures, some of the basic questions that are being asked are more significant from different perspectives. The following morals have been discussed in the bill which is also considered as the foundations for pushing forward the health care reforms in the country.This has therefore raised significantly important questions regarding the morals of providing healthcare services at an affordable cost to all Americans. The achievement of comprehensive health reforms in the US is considered one of the top priorities of the current US government and the providence of affordable health care for all Americans is one of the leading slogans of the time. The proposed reforms and the Bill are critical and based on following morals shall be passed easily so as to allow all the Americans to have affordable healthcare.&nbsp.This nation was founded on the fundamental principles of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for the individual. Thus the government has the moral duty of assisting individuals to attain freedom and pursue whatever one thinks is good for her without comprising the society’s overall good. Further, the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights is also really explicit in providing every individual with a right to have access to good health care for himself and his family. It is also argued that it is our moral obligation to care for those who are sick and therefore State being the representative of the citizens must act under its moral obligation to offer care to those who are sick and this care is often translated through offering of an affordable healthcare services to each and every citizen of the country.&nbsp.

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