Adolescent dating

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write a 4 pages paper on adolescent dating. Emotional needs are a part and parcel of a person’s life and right from the adolescent age, most people begin to find their interests in other people and begin to date them in order to rest the curiosity that they contain in their minds regarding the opposite sex and dealing with the idea of a relationship. Adolescent dating is one major life stage in human development. The stage predisposes the adolescents to several challenges which have been explained further within the purview of the paper. These major challenges at this stage are mainly emotional. The main aspects to be considered in adolescent stage may include, accepting that adolescence is a normal transitional stage. parental and peer influence during adolescent stage. the dating anxiety and social distress among adolescents and lastly dating violence among adolescents, to name a few. The main objective of this paper is to understand the emotional needs of adolescents with respect to their personal habits and desire to have someone in their life to share their experiences with.Dating is a very normal part of adolescence stage where most young adults try and get to know one another in order to form a possible relationship with them. This occurs because of reasons like familial or peer pressure, as well as a friend as an outlet for one’s feelings. Furthermore, at this age, dating is seemingly impossible to eradicate or even prevent because almost everyone goes through it and children that don’t are considered to be left out in groups. This kind of dating is normally done in response to the growing emotional, physical and social needs of adolescents. Furthermore, it must be understood that the motives and perspective of adolescents toward dating are different from those of adults due to different levels of maturity.

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