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Actuarial mathematics

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This question is related to actuarial mathematics- Life contingencies . Section 19 of ACT348: U of T: University of Toronto.`) puff tamrin . puff – Adobe Acrobat Reader DCFile Edit View Window HelpHOMETools`of tamrin . pdfX(?)Sign In1 1 1 13| A my @ @49 .7% -|LI GIGLEL4 Export PDFExample 1 :19 Create PDFConsider a 10 , 000 fully discrete whole life in -surance . Let IT denote an annual premium for*Q = Edit PDFthis policy and [ ( IT ) denote the loss – at- issue ram -dom variable for one such policy on the basis of- Commentthe Illustrative Life Table . 6% interest and issue*age 35 .249 Combine FilesVa ) Determine the premium , IT , such that the{] Organize Pages ~distributions of [ ( a ) has a mean O . Calculate1the variance of [ ( a ) .`_ Redactb) Approximate the smallest non – negative pre -mimmm . Ty, such that the probability is less thanU Protect0. 5 that the loss [ ( ITA ) is positive . Find the vari-` Optimize PDFance of [ (ITA) .C ) Determine the premium . Te , such that theLu Fill & Signprobability of a positive total loss on 100 suchindependent policies is 0.05 by the normal ap -*` Adobe Signproximation .Convert and edit PDFSwith Acrobat Pro D.CStart FREE Trial`WOO LEY { HD) ENG


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