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Acting Styles

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Assignment

Write a 1 page essay on Acting and Acting Styles.

This provides the viewer with face to face interaction with the actor (Gibbs, 2013).The most common acting styles in film industry are naturalistic and stylized acting. Naturalistic actors are mandated to be in oneness with the character’s dress, mannerism and upbringing. He must have un-distinguishable character. Stylized acting depends on an approach that is more conspicuous to put across the director’s point. They produce comic effect through characteristic hyperbolism through dramatizing (Anderson, 2009).The significant placement of actor is known as blocking.

In this style the actors are positioned in a way that can shore the dominance of a character over the other. It also depicts the grandness family and other relationships possible. This is used in the film to show the supremacy of the God Father (Coppola, 1972). The special effect acting style of Rear Projection is often used to give an illusion of a film scene on a location. It involves a combination of present foreground action and pre-filmed background footage. It is common in driving scenes. The un-realistic looking technique of this style is evident in the Romantic comedy by Hudson (Reed.

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