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Accumulated Depreciatien

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Practise Questions, Question 14 v Vnuranswer is current. an April 1, 2015, La Fresa Corporatl’uri sells same equipment for $10,000. The original most was $50,000, the estimated residual value was $0,000, and the expected useFul liie was sl’x years. an neeemher 31, 2014 the Accumulated Depreciatieh accuuhi had a halahee at$29,400 IF straight-line method 0F depreciation was used, the gain or loss on the sale was $2,500 gain$300 galni $050 less. $5,400 gal?i Cllck [I van would Ilka In Shaw Work Inf thls que?il‘m: Open Show Work Please save ymir WhiteB?ard work as an Image and send tn your instrucml’ oumide nf WllayPLUS.


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