Accelerated Motion

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Name:Section:Long-answer Homework 4 Accelerated Motion IAssignment Due:Monday 1-30-2012ProblemsLong-answer Homework Problem 4.1 Let’s think back to some of the data analysis we have done in lab.(a)[11 pt(s) ]Given the theoretical line below, sketch in how you would expect the data to look for 10 data points for systematic and random error. You don’t have to get too technical, but in a few words in the space below them, explain the difference in your drawings.random systematic(b)[3 pt(s) ]True/False: Systematic error refers to error caused by only the equipment. Explain!(c)[4 pt(s) ]If you are conducting an experiment and are very confident that the only error is random error, should you force the theoretical y-intercept for the best fit line?(d)[3 pt(s) ]What does a best-fit line do for your data set? Does it add error to our measurements since we trade actual data points for values we didn’t actually measure?Long-answer Homework Problem 4.2 [2 pt(s) ]What is the reason that the acceleration of an object at the peak of its trajectory is non-zero while the velocity is zero?Long-answer Homework Problem 4.3 You and your family are going to Graceland, via interstate. After a stop in Little Rock, you begin accelerating uniformly from rest along an entrance ramp. At 7s into this acceleration, your little brother hits the start button on a stopwatch he is playing with. When the stopwatch reads 3s, you enter the freeway and begin cruising at a constant 100km.h(a)[2 pt(s) ]What is your acceleration along the ramp, in meters per second per second (SI units)? (b)[2 pt(s) ]How long is the ramp?1

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