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Academic is a genre of exclusion

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Write an article on the academic is a genre of exclusion

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Writers who are involved in writing academic essays are intellectuals striving to be “transparent” and “clear” on a wide range of diverse writings with reflections and judgments about writing. They enjoy their freedom of thought and expression, making the observation part of their intellect and selectively filtering the cream from the content and they have a selective audience. The academic essay is a genre of exclusion. This group of stimulated minds which, are involved in academic writing thrives and fosters within the university system. This is very different from the writing which emerges out of the academy, forms the public and commercial domain.

Academic writing though addressing the selective group of people, and rewarded especially within the limited circle of university system has a position of growth in the modern times as there is greater exposure to a greater number of people across the globe. There could not have been a better time for such selective writer to influence the minds of their selective audience with the power of reaching to them taking full advantage of e-publishing and print on demand. The new technology has given new life to the exposure of academic journals. This gives them an edge of advantage which they did not have before. Though academic writing is confined in its content, vocabulary, and procedures, in the present day highly competitive environment there are greater opportunities to keep the young academics engaged and stimulated.

Academic writers with their highly introspective approach and imaginative and intellectual abilities have the power to penetrate into the issues of cultural, social, political and economic matters with deeper insight and understanding. They delve in reflective and controversial issues which sees the bigger picture more critically, and “becoming a critical intellectual involves “working hard on difficult texts”, and it entails “undergoing something painful and difficult.


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