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Submit a 250 words paper on the topic ABC Orange Juice. Promotional strategy: ABC orange juice al Affiliation Product Promotion involves the spread of word about a product or services to a customer, broader public and stakeholders.ABC Orange juice is a beverage company that sells Orange juice. For the company to realise profits which is the key goal of any business operation, ABC Orange juice must identify the target market. The company thrives to reach the target market through advertising, public relations and sales promotion.AdvertisingABC Orange juice must persuade potential customers to choose their juice and prefer it always to other beverages and soft drinks. They have to plan their advertisement process, be consistent and continually remind the customers of the benefits of their product. They ought to understand their aim of advertising, the target, media and competitors. Public relationsABC must actively involve the public, customers or not, in any activity which presents a forum for the customers to make comments about their Juice. This helps develop referrals and positive word of mouth from satisfied customers. Stake holders are very vital for the overall performance and success of the business hence they must be involved too. The public relations team must make available this forum by participating in community activities and sponsorships, producing annual reports, brochures and newsletters. In addition, they may also initiate educational programs to enlighten the public on the need to use their juice instead of others.Sales promotionABC Orange juice in a move to market their product will employ sales promotion techniques such as sales force promotion, trade promotions, business promotions and consumer promotions. They will give appropriate commissions to their sales agents to motivate them. They may also involve them in sales competition with prizes or awards. In business promotion, they need to organise seminars and workshops and trade show displays. They can as well appease their customers by offering on-pack offers, bonuses and loyalty rewards Referencesmallbusiness.wa.gov.au. (n.d.). Marketing. Retrieved March 19, 2014, from http://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.


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