A talk on security

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: A talk on Security.and spectacular risks are exaggerated whereas common risks are downplayed, what is not known is taken to be riskier than the common, risks that are personified are taken to be bigger than unspecified risks and lastly people tend to underestimate risks in conditions they have control over and overestimate risks in conditions they are not able to control.Thus cognitive biases act as filters that exist between reality and us. Reality and feeling get different and one either has got a feeling of being more secure. which is a false sense of course or feels insecure which is just, but another false sense .A model can aptly describe this situation. A model is mostly based on reason and feeling is on the basis of our intuition. A model is therefore needed to comprehend the different kind of risks we face and is usually restricted by our cognitive biases .Models can come from various areas such as our elected officials, media, industry, science and so on. Models can also change and as we get more contented in our environments, our model soon moves close to our feelings. Security can also be said to be dependent on the observer, the objective here being whether we get to notice. Thus the reality and feeling of security tend to come together when people take notice, but diverge when they do not. People need correct information to understand security, since the more they know, the more likely they are to make better trade-offs. It is also crucial for security designers to be informed to thwart propagandists from manipulating people’s feelings of security for their own

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