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A successful strategic IT system

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Create a 20 page essay paper that discusses A case study: a successful strategic IT system.s and the best practices for strategic information technology systems in different companies, especially in the manufacturing industry of Saudi Arabia and to incorporate these information technology best practices in a company named Saudi Zinnat Company. Saudi Zinnat Company is a company operating in the manufacturing industry of Saudi Arabia. The company does not have any established strategic information technology systems but there is the need and scope for setting up strategic information technology systems. Therefore, the research is done to identify the suitable practices that are being followed for strategic information technology systems in different companies across the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia. The identification of the suitable strategies and practices would help in incorporating these strategies in the Saudi Zinnat Company according to the feasibility of the implementation processes. The project managers from different companies operating in the manufacturing industry are interviewed with the help of the defined questions to document and evaluate the practical experiences and the views of the project managers regarding strategic information technology systems. The interview with the project managers is carried out by the researcher. The nature of the interview is exploratory in which the researcher tries to create a semi-formal and encouraging atmosphere of informal discussion with the information technology project managers. The researcher starts with simple, to the point questions and then goes on to explore the views of the respondents on the basis of their answers to each question. The researcher also plays the role of a moderator and helps in steering the interview in the right direction to attain the aims and objectives of the research. The responses of the selected group of project managers are documented and analyzed carefully to interpret them and get suitable findings. These findings are then tried to be implemented to the chosen


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