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Impact of suicide in Australia

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on within a recovery peer support model of care explore and discuss the lived experience and impact of suicide in Australia, within an adult population. Opportunity to choose a meaningful life, empowerment, and valuing lives of patients with health problems to be equal to those without health problems (Cedereke & Ojehagen, 2007).

Peer support is crucial to implement recovery focused services. Even though recovery is an internal process, health services can foster the process in collaboration between peer support specialists and mental health services. Peer support specialists serve as liaison to health professionals, interpreting, and in some cases they act as mediators between staff and service users (Constantino, Sekula & Rubinstein, 2001). They can also challenge unacknowledged discrimination and stigma because they emphasize of full community inclusion in symptom management. For this reason, peer support services have been successful in improving user satisfaction since they enable the development of a collaborative model of treatment. Also, they can access wider support services.

Peer support intervention programs provide opportunity to victims who have recovered to participate in helping others to direct their own recoveries by educating them on quality of life. Peer support program has proved to be effective because it reduces isolation and increases emphatic responses. Research indicates that the impacts of the treatment services improve when a former victim serves as a peer specialist in management.

Some studies have ranked the importance of various forms of relationships as support in different ways while other are used as strategies for coping with mental illness and suicidal prevention. Lack of family support is a problem for the onset of an increase in depression and suicidal among adults (Mead, Hilton & Curtis, 2001). Research suggested that parental support at a younger age is vital. The evaluation of self-help groups in suicide prevention has demonstrated positive impacts.Therapy work is necessary for suicide vulnerable individuals and those approaching a different level in the recovery stage.


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