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A network design project

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Develop a network design project, attached is the requirements. Note: First Draft:  Layer2/3 design for network equipment (such as VLANs, IP Addressing),  Layer-3 Routing – how routing protocols (such as statics, IGPs, BGP) may be used in the design, and Policies.Final Draft: Your entire project should be complete at this point.  The only changes between this version and your final submission should  only be clerical in nature.   Final Project: You will need to prepare three deliverables:1) An electronic copy of the proposal document  2) A printed and bound copy of the proposal document   3) A live in person presentation of your proposal – A slide deck can be used.  expecting 10 – 15 minutes.  This is not a sales pitch.  You should describe how your proposal would fill the design requirements. You will need to select a structure and format for the planning document.  You may base this document on any freely available material you have access to, or create your own format. There are items that are implied but not specified in the requirements document.  You are free to select any suitable solution for these items, but you should document what you selected. For example, patch cables are not discussed, but would be necessary for the network to function, so I would state that all physical cabling would be Category 6.At a minimum, the plan should include the following key components:- Executive Summary – A summary, in your words, of how all of the pieces connect together and to the broader network.- Physical Design – which network devices to use, how the network devices are cabled, what physical ports are used, racking, and power.- Logical Design – Layer2/3 design for network equipment (such as VLANs, IP Addressing) and Layer-3 Routing – how routing protocols (such as  statics, IGPs, BGP) may be used in the design.- Detailed Design – Explanation of what your solution is. Describe how it will be deployed, and include costing information.    As appropriate, you may need to include written blocks of text, step-by-step action items, spread sheets, and/or diagrams.


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