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Compose a 750 words essay on A FILM OF: 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. The main themes center on love, relationships and struggle. It has received commendable acclaim from its critics. The genre of the movie is a cancer comedy.The story is centered on two friends Joseph Gordon (Adam) and Seth Rogen (Kyle). Adam learns of the presence of a tumor in his spine and that he has little chance for survival. The two youths undertake to use the illness as a means to lure sympathetic women and create memorable life moments. His best friend, Kyle must cheer him up to help him cope with the effects of chemotherapy and the heartbreak. The production gives impeccable performance with realistic experiences that viewers relate.The theme of love and relationships is outlined clearly. It is a transformation to health story of Will Reiser as it takes the viewer through the emotional journey to recovery. Adam and Kyle are complementary characters who display love and loyalty for each other. Kyle informs Adam when he finds his girlfriend, Rachel cheating. Moreover, he shaved his head to show solidarity to his ailing friend. Delicate feelings spring from Adam and Katherine’s physician interaction. Furthermore, we see emotions throttle with Angelica as she fights to protect her son and her dementia-suffering husband.Kyle discovers Adams girlfriend kissing another man and reports her to Adam. This leads to a breakup between Adam and his girlfriend, Rachael. Moreover, he argues with his mother Angelica who wishes to nurse him against his wishes. Adam commences his treatment discovered that his ailment is malignant. He is in denial but later cooperates with the physician. His therapist, Katherine (Anna Kendrick) is nonetheless supportive throughout the treatment.Will Reiser incorporate comic theme in Adam’s life in a dramatic and pacified approach. This dark humor coupled with the display of love has given the

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