A critical review

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Write an article on A critical review for. It needs to be at least 1000 words. The reason for choosing these three countries was the fact that each depicted a comprehensively contrasting outlook with regard to the role of adult members and their subsequent role performance.The studies are based on the assessment of the workforce division and government policies in line with this division. Countries from the region of Scandinavia have shown equal and positive distribution of work load between the adult members. To encourage the men’s participation and in comparison to maternity leave, a daddy leave was introduced that would allow the parents looking into the domestic aspect and possibly the children’s upbringing and other associated factors.Other countries have shown traces of encouraging similar trend and pattern between the members of family. For example Czech Republic came up with similar move and idea of making maximum use of the women’s abilities in a more effective manner. Other variables taken into account are the level of education, the number of children, the age group and other parameters and dynamics that have direct or indirect influence on the house activities and working patterns. Other questions put forth included the questions asking if the male family member should participate more actively in the household activities and to little surprise, the women supported the idea of involving the men in household chores undertaking.The aim was to assess the findings in terms of the variations that may have taken place between the span of eight years in which these findings and surveys were carried out. The question of happy married life and the potential causes of divorce and separation were studied in the light of factors that have an impact on the overall domestic environment and working behavior. The studied conducted revealed that the families with conventional mindset and roles assignment depicted low rates of instability.

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