A crime during a company policy investigation

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Answer each of the following discussion questions. Your answers for each question must provide enough details to support your answers. Include references in APA format.The textbook discusses four main actions to follow if you discover evidence of a crime during a company policy investigation. Identify the four main actions and provide a brief detailed description for each of the four main actions. Are there any differences between collecting evidence in a private-sector incident and a law enforcement crime scene? Provide details to support your answer. The textbook discusses eight DOJ standards for seizing digital data for both criminal and corporate investigations. Identify the eight DOJ standards and provide a brief detailed description for each of the eight standards.PLEASE DO NOT USE OLD BOOK REFERENCES. PLEASE ONLY USE ONLINE WEBSITES, SUCH AS WWW.GOOGLE.COMFor question 1 the four main steps would be:-Identify digital information or artifacts that can be used in as evidence.-Collect, preserve, and document evidence.-Analyze, identify, and organize evidence.-Rebuild evidence or repeat a situation to verify that the results can be reproduced reliability.For #3 some examples are obtaining a warrant, taking photographs, etc.PLEASE LABEL QUESTIONS AS 1, 2, and 3.PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.I need this work done within 12 hours. Please don’t accept if you cannot complete.

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