A Complication of Gallbladder

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Write the following on A Complication of Gallbladder. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The references must be relevant to your subject and should consist of mainly peer-reviewed publications. Newspaper articles, Wikipedia entries, etc. will not be accepted. The format of the bibliographic items must be in the Chicago style adopted by Curtin. This is described on the Curtin Library website. You must be diligent in making sure the referencing is correct as a proportion of the final mark for this assignment is allocated to correct formatting and citation of references. Of these 50 bibliographic items, select what you consider to be the five most important references. For each of these, you should provide a 400-word critical analysis of the paper, which summarises the important points made by the author(s) and discusses the strengths and limitations in data acquisition, analysis of results and the conclusions given. In a further 100 words, justify why you consider this to be one of the five most important references in the field of research.&nbsp.Acute acalculous cholecystitis seems to progress more rapidly to gangrene and perforation than acute calculous cholecystitis (gallstones induced cholecystitis). Thus a timely diagnosis involving a combination of clinical signs, laboratory findings, and imaging techniques is necessary. (Keus et al. 2006).Since the symptoms of cholecystitis are similar to other medical complications and at times typical signs of AC may be poorly distinguished in some scans as in Computed tomography (CT) which is not sensitive or specific for AC, therefore, an accurate diagnostic process with high specificity is required.

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