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Write an article on 7-2 Response to J. Brickner.

It needs to be at least 250 words.

Response to J. Brickner’s Work on Accuracy, Reliability and Usefulness of Genetic Testing The issue of precision and reliability of the results of genetic tests results does not seem to arise in many cases where such results are used to determine materiality of an event or occurrence. However, the lack for competing ideas in genetic testing is worrying and scientists are already working to this end. In this paper, the views of one J. Brickner into the accuracy, reliability and usefulness of genetic testing are reviewed. ResponseIn their work, Brickner points to some serious aspects regarding the issue of accuracy, reliability and usefulness of genetic testing. For instance they note that humans are extremely responsive to technological developments. They note that the expectations among the population are that there will not be turning back on gains already made in genetic testing. If anything, further development in genetic testing is beyond doubt.

However, the approach taken is very cautious, despite acknowledging that there is no room for turning back on genetic testing. They opted for a center position on the matter, which in my view could more favorably have been argued out from either a leftist or rightist approach. Further studies into the field are ongoing and they sure will be the beginning of greater precision and consequently improved reliance on the results of genetic tests. As noted in the HGPI release on reliability of genetic tests results, laboratory errors could arise from contamination of the specimen (2010). This is one issue that can be solved in several ways, and research may with time provide solution to counter distortions brought about by contamination. Brickner noted that ethical issues regarding disclosure and application of genetic testing are largely unforeseen. However, they should as well have noted the provisions of the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA) geared towards regulating the treatment of individuals and employees once their genetic tests reports have been disclosed to their kin and employers as well.

This is largely meant to caution those deemed to be prone to congenital genetic disorders against discrimination. The HGPI notes that GINA prohibits U.S. insurance companies and employers from discriminating on the basis of information derived from genetic tests (2008).Reference listU.S. Department of Energy Genome Program. (2010). Gene Testing: What is gene testing? How does it work? Web, 20th February 2013. US Department of Energy Human Genome Program. (2008). Breaking News: GINA Becomes Law May 2008. Genetics Privacy and Legislation. Web, 20th February 2013.

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