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Write 2 page essay on the topic 2 STORIES.To me, the two friends’ journey to the new catacomb appeared to be a simple adventure. However, as the two descended into the catacomb, the details inside the catacomb, with its hidden mazes, stacked corpses and the surrounding darkness started to take a hold over me and I began to develop the premonition that something eerie is going to take place. Then the climax came with all its hidden wrath and vengeance. I was surprised and in fact awed to realize that the emotion of hurt and revenge could turn into something so treacherous and at the same time so just. The end filled me with a feeling of fear. But, deep down within me, I was to some extent satisfied that the treatment met to Kennedy by Roger was fare and well deserved, though grotesque. Overall, I found the pace of the narrative, very disciplined, terse and exciting.While reading this story I felt that the writer left many facts and details unanswered. For example, he fails to mention the time and place in which the story takes place? One of the characters is shown as being an Italian and fond of Italian wines. Yet, it in no ways supports the conclusion that the locale of the narrative is Italy. Besides, the writer makes one of the characters narrate the story. Yet, the narrator fails to specifically mention his reasons for inflicting such a cruel revenge on Fortunato. This makes me guess that either Fortunato had committed some grave injustice to the narrator, or perhaps the narrator is mentally sick or psychotic. One more thing that I found inappropriate is that the writer conveys this at the very beginning that Montresor intends to inflict revenge on Fortunato. This stole a great deal of the suspense and apprehension, which I usually expect from such a thriller. The narrator’s understanding of the human nature and weaknesses was very realistic. Overall, I feel that the writer do


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